セミナー / 細胞膜フォーラム

第5回 細胞膜研究フォーラム プログラム


June 4


Welcome to the Fifth Forum

Akihiro KusumiNagoya UniversityOpening statement


Discussion 1

Richard G.W. AndersonChair:

Toshihide KobayashiRIKEN Frontier Research SystemStudying lipid rafts using the sphingomyelin-specific protein

Kohji KasaharaTokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical ScienceGlycosphingolipid binding proteins and membrane microdomain signaling

Atsushi KosugiOsaka UniversityFluorescence imaging of dynamic changes in lipid rafts upon TCR stimulation

Naoaki SaitoKobe UniversityCeramide-induced translocation and activation of deltaPKC

Toyoshi FujimotoNagoya UniversityLipid droplet as a new membrane domain

Heinrich HoerberEMBLMembrane studies by Photonic Force Microscopy (PFM)

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

Keynote Lecture 1

Akihiro KusumiChair:

Alpha YapUniversity of QueenslandMarking sites for dynamic adhesion: Rac GTPase couples E-cadherin to actin assembly


Discussion 2

Chair:Jiro UsukuraMid-term progress report by members of the Kusumi Membrane Organizer Project, ERATO, JST

Takahiro FujiwaraDouble-compartmentalization of Membrane Molecules in the Plasma Membrane by Anchored-protein Pickets

Ken-ichi SuzukiA GPI-anchored Membrane Protein, CD59, Frequently Visits/Form Rafts in Signaling: A single Molecule Study

Chieko NakadaFormation of a Diffusion Barrier in the Plasma Membrane of the Neuronal Initial Segment; A Single Molecule Study

Takeshi KobayashiSingle Molecule Imaging of H-Ras Activation in Living Cells (?)

Ken RitchieScanning Optical Force Imaging of the Plasma Membrane in Live Cultured Cells Using CD44 as a Probe


Mixer at Hananoki Restaurant


Tour of Kusumi Lab 1 (Foreign guests + 10 people)

June 5


Keynote Lecture 2

Chair:Toshihide Kobayashi

David BredtUniversity of California, San FranciscoSynaptic regulation of glutamate receptors

9:40-10:00 Coffee Break

Discussion 3

Chair: Abraham Kupfer

Jiro UsukuraNagoya UniversityStructural analysis of NRK cell membrane and the membrane under-coat

Yuichi TakakuwaTokyo Women's Medical University Functional and structural characterization of membrane binding domain of protein 4.1

Konosuke KumakuraSophia UniversityInvolvement of Actin Cytoskeleton in Exocytosis

Kimihide HayakawaSokabe-ICORP, JSTMechanical stimulation via cytoskeletons can induce localized Ca2+ mobilization in endothelial cells

Hiroaki Miki University of TokyoIRSp53 is an essential intermediate between Rac and WAVE in the regulation of membrane ruffling

Hitoshi YagisawaHimeji Institute of Technology PIP2 regulates actin filaments and cell movements in a free living amoeba

Masao KawakitaKogakuin UniversitySubstrate recognition by nucleotide sugar transporters

11:45-12:45 Lunch

Keynote Lecture 3

Chair:Hideo Akutsu

Amit ChattopadhyayCentre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, IndiaRole of Cholesterol in the Organization and Activity of Hippocampal Serotonin 1A Receptors


Discussion 4

Chair:Masahiro Sokabe

Supported by Advanced Technology Institute, Cellular Signaling Committee

Ikuro KawagishiNagoya UniversitySubcellular localization of signaling proteins in bacterial chemotaxis

Toru IdeYanagida-ICORP, JSTSimultaneous optical and electrical observation of single ion-channels

14:00-14:20 Coffee Break

Masaki Fukata and Kozo KaibuchiNagoya UniversityRoles of Rho family GTPases in regulation of cell-cell adhesion

Masatoshi HagiwaraTokyo Medical and Dental UniversityDetection of apoptotic signals in living cells with a mutant GFP reporter system

Toshihide NukadaTokyo Institute of PsychiatryModulation of ion channels by G proteins

Mamoru NakanishiNagoya City UniversityNuclear shuttling of MAP kinase (MAPK) was dynamically controlled by MAPK kinase after antigen stimulation in RBL-2H3 cells

Michinari HamaguchiNagoya Universityv-Src suppresses SHPS-1 expression via the Ras-MAP kinase pathway to promote the oncogenic growth of cells

Masato UmedaTokyo Metropolitan Institute for Medical ScienceMembrane and thermoregulation of Drosophila

Masayuki MurataNational Institute for Physiological SciencesMembrane dynamics of the Golgi and ER-networks during mitosis in mammalian cells


Poster Session at Green Hills

The program for the poster session is attached at the end of this page. Coffee, tea, beer, and snacks are served.


Party at Universal Club


Tour of Kusumi Lab 2 (Foreign guests + 10 people)

June 6
9:30 - 15:55


Keynote Lecture 4

Chair:Toyoshi Fujimoto

Richard G. W. AndersonUniversity of Texas, Southwestern Medical CenterSpatial organization of signal transduction by caveolae


Discussion 5

Chair:Masato Umeda

Suguru KawatoUniversity of TokyoHippocampal neurosteroids such as female hormone modulate acutely neuron-neuron communication

Tomohiro KurosakiKansai Medical UniversityFunction of B cell receptor signaling complexes


Coffee Break


Keynote Lecture 5

Chair:Atsushi Kosugi

Abraham KupferNational Jewish Medical and Research CenterMulti-signal orchestration by spatial-temporal assembly of supra-molecular activation clusters (SMACS) in T cells




Discussion 6

Chair:Mamoru Nakanishi

Hideo AkutsuOsaka UniversitySolid-state analysis of mastoparan X bound to the membrane

Kazuo EmotoTokyo Metropolitan Institute for Medical ScienceTransbilayer distribution of membrane phospholipids

Kazunori KawasakiInstitute of Molecular and Cell Biology, AISTNumber of influenza hemagglutinin molecules required for membrane fusion as determined by single particle analysis of reconstituted vesicles of hemagglutinin

Hirokazu Hotani, Kingo Takiguchi, Fumimasa Nomura, and Tamiki UmedaNagoya UniversityCyclic shrinkage of a liposome with biphasic transition


Coffee Break


Discussion 7

Chair:Takeshi Kobayashi

Michio Tomishige, Yuichi Takakuwa snd Akihiro KusumiUniversity of California, San Francisco and Nagoya UniversitySingle molecule elasticity of spectrin tetramer explains dual mechanical properties of erythrocyte membrane skeleton

Takeshi NodaNational Institute for Basic BiologyLipids engaged in autophagosome formaiton

Hisaaki TaniguchiRIKEN Posttranslational Modifications and Proteomics

Kazuya NomuraKyushu University Graduate School & PRESTO(JST)Toward a systematic analysis of "glycome" functions in the nematode C. elegans

Kazuhiko Kinosita, Jr. Center for Integrative Bioscience, Okazaki National Research InstitutesHow an ATP-driven molecular machine may work

Toshio YanagidaOsaka UniversitySingle molecule nano-biology


Closing: Jiro UsukuraNagoya University

Poster Session Program

June 5


Toru IdeSingle Molecule Processes Project, ICORP, JSTSimultaneous optical and electrical observation of single ion-channels


Masahiro UedaJST, Department of Physiology and Biosignaling, Osaka University Graduate School of MedicineSingle molecule analysis of chemotactic signaling in Dictyostelium cells


Hiroshi SakamotoNagoya University In vivo evaluation of the effect of receptor methylation on ligand-binding affinity in bacterial chemotaxis


Daisuke ShiomiNagoya UniversityReceptor methylation in chemotactic adaptation requires dual recognition of the transmembrane receptor by the methyltransferase CheR


Fumimasa Nomura, Kingo Takiguchi, Hirokazu HotaniNagoya UniversityTopological transformation of liposomes


Motohiro HommaNagoya UniversityDetection of the interdimer interaction of the chemoreceptor within receptor/kinase clusters at poles of E.coli cells


Kazuya NomuraKyushu University Graduate School & PRESTO (JST)Toward a systematic analysis of "glycome" functions in the nematode C. elegans


Etsuko KiyokawaRIKEN Frontier Reseach SystemAnalysis of cell surface lipid raft using sphingomyelin specific probe


Asami Makino, Toshihide KobayashiRIKEN Frontier Research SystemRecognition of sphingomyelin by earthworm toxin


Shiroh FutakiKyoto UniversityPossible existence of the common internalization mechanisms among the arginine- rich basic peptides


Hiroshi NoguchiInstitute for Molecular Science Molecular simulation of vesicle fusion


Yanying ZyangNagoya UniversityHyaluronan activates MMP-2 secretion in human lung carcinoma cells (QG90) via CD44-Ras signaling pathway


Aye Aye ThantNagoya UniversityA role for FAK in the Concanavalin A-dependent secretion of matrix talloproteinase-2 and -9


Yuichi MazakiOsaka Bioscience Institute, JSTThe role of paxillin-associated ARFGAP proteins, PAGs, in membrane remodling and actin cytoskeletal remodeling




Nobuhiro MoroneERATO, JSTElectron Microscope Observation of the Entire Cytoplasmic Surface of the Cell Membrane: Quick-Freeze, Deep-Etch, Immuno-Replica Electron Microscopy


Norinobu WatanabeNagoya UniversityExpression and function of mammalian clipin/coronin family members


Takahiro FujiwaraERATO, JSTRegulation Mechanism for the Assembly of Receptors and Adaptor Molecules in Clathrin-coated Pits as Studied by Single Fluorophore Dynamic Imaging


Takahiro FujiwaraERATO, JSTFences and pickets formed by the membrane skeleton and its anchored membrane proteins are universally found in various cultured cells


Kotono MuraseNagoya UniversityRegulation mechanism for the movement and assembly of BP180, a transmembrane protein of the hemidesmosome: An approach by single molecule techniques


Ken RitchieNagoya UniversityAnalysis of the Scanning Optical Force Images of the Membrane of Live Cultured Cells


Chieko NakadaERATO, JSTDevelopmental Formation of a Diffusion Barrier in the Initial Segment Membrane of the Neuronal Axon; A single Molecule Approach


Takeshi KobayashiERATO, JSTSpatial Regulation of Stem Cell Factor (SCF) ? SCF Receptor Signaling in Melanocytes


Ryota IinoERATO, JSTRapid Diffusion of Raft Molecules in both the Outer and Inner Leaflets of the Plasma Membrane


Mizuna MurakamiNagoya UniversitySingle Molecule Imaging of H-Ras Activation in Living Cells


Hideji MurakoshiNagoya UniversityH-Ras Activation and Induction of Localized Signaling As Studied by Single Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer


Ikuko KoyamaNagoya UniversityDiffusion and localization of oligomerized H-Ras in the cell membrane


Rinshi KasaiNagoya UniversityG-proteincoupled chemoattractant receptor and the mechanism of G-protein alpha subunit : a single molecule imaging analysis of G-protein activation


Ken-ichi SuzukiERATO, JST Raft-like domains are unstable (a few molecules/milliseconds) on resting cell membranes


Ken-ichi SuzukiERATO, JSTActivated GPI-anchored Membrane Protein, CD59, Frequently Visits/Forms Actin- dependent Rafts


Hisae TsuboiERATO, JSTVisualization of cholesterol and cholesterol-enriched raft domains in the plasma membrane using a cholesterol oxidase mutant as a probe


Fumiyuki SanematsuNagoya University Single molecule visualization of movement of cholesterol which probed θ-toxin fragment


Yoshihiko FujitaERATO, JSTInteraction of gp130 Signaling Complex with Actin Filament after Interleukin-6 stimulation : Analysis by Single Fluorophore Dynamic Imaging

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