A Slide Show on the Membrane Skeleton Fence Structure
and Function in the Plasma Membrane

This slide show presents some of our recent findings on how the cell surface is organized with the aid of the membrane skeleton. It also explains how single molecule technologies have contributed to making these findings. This presentation is based on the talks given by Aki Kusumi in various occasions, and therefore, it is in the style of a lecture to young students.

It consists of the following parts.

Chapter 1. 17 slides (1-16)
Introduction to the Membrane Skeleton Fence Structure

Chapter 2. 8 slides (17-24)
Optical Trap Experiments Using TR

Chapter 3. 7 slides (25-31)
Band 3

Chapter 4. 9 slides (32-40)
Dragging of the membrane skeleton

Chapter 5. 3 slides (41-43)
Cadherin and Binding Effect of the Membrane Skeleton on Membrane Proteins

Chapter 6. 9 slides (44-52)

It may take a long time to download the video sequences in this slide show on some computers, and so they can be skipped. However, since these videos are useful for understanding the presentation, and also fun, seeing them is highly recommended.

You may download a higher resolution version of the movies, archived in ZIP format (movies stored in Quicktime format) here: 18Mb Movie Archive

If you are a teacher, instructor, or professor, and are interested in using any of these materials for your lecture (to give an intuitive understanding that the membrane is fluid and that molecules in the membrane can move about very rapidly), you can use them with appropriate citation of this web page and the original papers. We can send you a complete copy of the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format (version 2000) with full resolution video (in AVI format) upon request. Please contact us at:

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