Roof Terrace (), Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, East Bldg. 5F, Kyoto University

070305 Shusaku Shibutani Website
Rb-independent termination of E2F-target gene expression during Drosophila embryogenesis
060927 G.V.Shivashankar (Shiva) Website
Understanding nanoscale chromatin organization and function within living cells
060920 Horst Vogel Website
Cellular signaling at the nanometer and attoliter scale
060908 Joshua Zimmerberg Website
The biophysics of membrane fusion and membrane microdomains
060903 Roger Morris Website
The trafficking of cellular and infectious prion protein on neurons:
what keeps them apart, and what brings them together?
060902 Justin Molloy Website
Single molecules, diffusing and walking on membranes
060620 Barbara Baird Website
Zooming in on receptor-mediated cell signaling: the IgE receptor story
Daniel Choquet Website
Single molecule tracking of AMPA and NMDA receptors in synapses

Derek Toomre Website
Dynamics of clathrin endocytic machinery at the single vesicle and molecule leve

060523 Philippe Devaux Website
Transmembrane diffusion of unlabeled lipid molecules measured by shape change of giant lipid vesicles
060515 Prof. Dr. Philippe Devaux Website
Many different proteins involved in lipid flip-flop
060414 Paavo Kinnunen Website
Lipid-triggered formation of amyloid-type fibers: for good & bad
060331 Damien Hall Website
Physical Biochemistry Based Studies of Protein Folding and Aggregation
060313 Roger Goody
Combining chemistry and molecular biology to produce tools for biophysics and cell biology
060214 Chiara Zurzolo
Role of lipid microdomains in GPI-anchored-protein sorting and prion folding
051213 Petros Koumoutsakos
Particle simulations of diffusion in the lumen and on the surface of the endoplasmic reticulum
051019 Tomoyo Sakata
OPTICAL SWITCHES: new molecular tools for reversible manipulation of biomolecular interactions -- Design, synthesis and applications --
050615 Daniel Choquet
Single molecule imaging of glutamate receptor trafficking in neurons
Justin Molloy
Single molecule optical and mechanical studies of cellular myosins
040826 Robert Parton
Caveolae, caveolins, and lipid raft domains; new insights into plasma membrane micro-organization
Satyajit (Jitu) Mayor
Nanoscale clusters of GPI-anchored proteins as potential sorting signals for dynamin-independent endocytosis
040730 Gerrit van Meer
How lipids move proteins and proteins move lipids
031211 Sarah Keller
Spots on spheres: Immiscible phases in membranes made of lipids and cholesterol
030905 Bice Chini
Lipid rafts modulates the signalling of the oxytocin receptor
030609 Tomoji Kawai
030319 John Heuser
Whatever happened to the Microtrabecular Concept?
030318 Tatyana Ilieva Tenkova
Protein processing in ciliary epithelial cells: the shape and distribution of lysosomes, endosomes, and the Golgi complex
020620 Akihiko Yoshimura
020612 Shigeo Okabe
シナプス後肥厚部の分子動態 -- 分子可視化技術を用いた解析
020524 Glenn D. Prestwich
Visualizing Phosphoinositide and Phospholipid Metabolism in Cells
020517 Denise J. Montell
Multiple signaling pathways regulating invasive cell behavior in vivo
Alpha Yap
Cadherin signaling to the actin cytoskeleton
Vance Lemmon
The function of L1 CAM cytoplasmic domain in brain development and axon extension
011029 Satyajit (Jitu) Mayor
Membrane rafts: A functional and structural perspective revealed by the study of GPI-anchored protein organization
Klaus Hahn
Watching proteins in the wild: Live cell fluorescent biosensors of Rho family activation
011024 Michael Edidin
Two problems in membrane domains and lateral diffusion --- some old topics revisited