The Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences, iCeMS, was established at Kyoto
University on October 1, 2007 under the World Premier International (WPI) Center
Program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of the
Japanese government (MEXT) as one of the only five WPI Centers. The iCeMS, led by
Director Prof. Norio Nakatsuji, is an international research institute pioneering ga new
integrated discipline of cell-material sciencesh and expected to become the forefront
research institute of the world in ten years.

Japanese research institutes have long been situated outside the international flow and
career path development of scientists. The iCeMS aims to become a hub for attracting
worldfs top researchers and to provide a model for other international research institutes
to be founded in Japan. The official language for the iCeMS is English, and will have at
least 30% non-Japanese scientists at all levels. The MEXT and Kyoto University will
provide the basic support for personnel and facilities, whereas individual researchers are
expected to obtain their own extramural supports at very high levels.

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